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We can all probably agree that the vehicle in our life is often much more than just a vehicle. In fact, it’s one of the hallmarks of the auto industry. At Reality Based Group, we know your competition is all too real whether you sell vehicles, perform routine maintenance, take someone’s ride to the next level or fix those oops moments we all encounter from time to time. But how do you set yourself apart? The customer experience. That’s where RBG comes in. With over twenty years of experience perfecting business’ customer experience, we can help you enchant your customers just like their very first car. We deliver ROI while teaching you how to train and coach your employees on actionable, revenue-driving behaviors. You make driving a dream and we’re there to ensure every customer interaction goes just as well. Learn more about our automotive mystery shopper services and car dealership mystery shopping solutions.

Automotive Mystery Shopping Insights & Solutions

RBG’s solutions are tried and true. Just like a classic car, we’ve stood the test of time and are here to create the best program possible to help you serve your customers. If you’re looking to win new fans and build customer loyalty, look no further than the automotive mystery shopper solutions we offer.

    • GameFilm® – Video Mystery Shopping
      GameFilm® allows you to focus on objective, solid video mystery shopping feedback. Our founder invented video mystery shopping and we’re the best around so you know you’re getting your results from a pro.
    • Mystery Shopping Plus – Written Mystery Shopping
      It all starts with our revolutionary scorecard design. Each scorecard we create is tailored to ask the questions that each of our specific partners need to answer to know how to improve their bottom line.
    • Real Calls™ – Phone Mystery Shopping
      People are busy and a phone call can often be the initial inquiry your business receives from a potential customer. Real Calls™ allows you to evaluate how phone interactions with your customers are being handled.
    • Real Feedback™
      In the hands of an expert, customer satisfaction surveys can give you a look at the more subjective experience your customers are having and let you see how customer satisfaction surveys fit into the greater puzzle of customer experience.
    • Additionally, any of our solutions can be combined as necessary to fit your needs.


Why Choose RBG over other Automotive Industry Mystery Shoppers?

You can count on our qualified automotive mystery shoppers to help you race to that top spot amongst your competition. With RBG, car dealership and service mystery shopping doesn’t have to be a mystery and our unique, closed loop programs means there’s someone with you every step of the way. From scorecard design to employee coaching and training, we do it all and focus on the objectives you need to meet from the get go.

We recognize that your success is our success. By partnering with RBG, you gain a powerful customer experience ally so you can ensure that you’re doing everything possible to give your customers the best experience. We provide the tools and the direction so you can speed your way to results and start benefitting immediately from our tailored, expertly designed programs.

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