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Thrive With QSR Mystery Shopping

QSR mystery shopping

With competition rising and consumer passion for experience mounting, restaurants know they need to be different, interesting, and unique. That means pushing beyond beverage and food and into areas such as technology, service, special events, and environment to provide a more thoughtful experience. And many business owners are turning to QSR mystery shopping to help.

Consumers, particularly younger ones, are interested more in experiences instead of things. They want innovative experiences and are eager to combat the fear of missing out.

QSR mystery shopping is revealing that in an attempt to gain favor with these consumers, some limited-service operators across the country are accepting today’s experience economy in spirited and diverse ways. Following are some examples.

Putting on a show.  

Some restaurants are creating an open kitchen so guests can see, smell, and savor food preparation. QSR mystery shopping shows that there’s no better way to tap into the experience mindset than to invite the customer behind the scenes. It’s an experience that customers are looking for – something to make it memorable.

Offer post-worthy items.

Social media has unquestionably fast-tracked the experience economy, convincing restaurants to make visits more fun, authentic, and eventful to encourage online sharing. For some, creative menu offerings are just the answer.

Utilizing technology.

Technology is entrenched in modern lives and plays an essential role in the experience economy, especially when it means ensuring a modern and seamless process that delivers on consumer expectations. QSR mystery shopping can validate just how important technology is.

Providing a personal touch.

For as much as society welcomes technology to boost the experience factor, the human element cannot be ignored when providing guests with a distinctive and memorable visit. In a world that is becoming more and more digital, human interaction stands out and can improve the overall guest experience.

Handing control over to the guests.

Whether through customized dishes or self-ordering kiosks more QSRs are letting guests control their dining experience and are confident that they will enjoy the ability to customize. By being able to take part in the selection process, guests are not just communicating with each other, but also directly with members of the restaurant staff.

Educating the masses.

While consumer interest in a brand’s values and history grows, restaurants are sharing this information in accessible ways. Education and expertise are special to today’s consumers, particularly the younger ones.

Cultivating local ties.

Local talent gives customers a positive impression of a restaurant brand. It’s the small details that make customers smile and prompt a fun conversation. For many chain restaurants, there’s value in tapping into entertainment, both outside and inside the eatery.

QSR mystery shopping has found that while delicious food is crucial to the restaurant experience, it takes much more than that to keep customers coming back for more.

By making sure that your knowledgeable, educated and personable staff are in tune with your customers’ specific needs, closing the experience with as much respect as during the meal, and treating customers like people, you are increasing the chances that your customers come back.

Want to know how your customers are enjoying their experience at your restaurant? We can help! Our QSR mystery shopping offers simple, objective observations of your staff and operations through the eyes of a professional. Contact Reality Based Group today to find out how our programs can help your business remain relevant.

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