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If you own or operate a call center, you know exactly how important providing a great customer experience is to your success. Have you really stopped to think about how you’re monitoring and evaluating your call center’s customer experience though? At Reality Based Group, we’re experts at measuring the customer experience you’re delivering and giving you data based on actionable, revenue-driving behaviors that incorporates training and coaching into every step of the process. This way you know just what to do with the results. Using call center solutions like phone mystery shopping, written mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys and more, you can achieve the results you need with RBG.

Call Centers Insights & Solutions

Other call center mystery shopping companies can collect data, but only RBG can collect the right data that will work for you with our holistic approach. We know call center monitoring solutions that will work to improve your customer experience while simultaneously improving your bottom line. Competition is stronger than ever these days and it’s time to partner with a company who can set you apart.

"Call centers sit on the frontline of customer experience where they provide sales, support, and customer service functions. They’re often customers’ first — and sometimes their only — human interaction with a company."

Kerry Bodine
Forrester Research

Why Choose RBG over other Call Center Mystery Shoppers?

RBG has provided call center monitoring for more than twenty years and we deliver experience, expertise and the type of tailored program design you need. Delight your customers, drive revenue, improve customer loyalty and increase profit with RBG. We are with you every step of the way, including guided training and coaching, so you fulfill your objectives. We know the tools and solutions that will work for you.

At RBG, we recognize that our success is your success. We take your precise goals into account when we design your individual program and our experience and expertise makes us a partner you can trust when it comes to your call center monitoring needs. We are RBG and we want to evolve your customer experience today.

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