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Texas Roadhouse Voted Americas Favorite Restaurant

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The Nation’s Finest

On July 1, 2015 NBC News announced that  Texas Roadhouse an international full-service restaurant, was voted Americas Favorite Restaurant for consistently providing an outstanding customer experience. This was a result of a survey conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).  

According to ACSI’s managing director David VanAmburg, “As we get more money in our pockets, we begin to shop around for a dining out experience based on the quality of the experience that we would like to have rather than the price that we want to pay,” are no longer motivated by price when dining out. Instead, they are choosing restaurants that focus on customer experience and quality.

Texas Roadhouse has been passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences ever since they were founded in 1993. Throughout the years, this passion for excellence became synonymous with the company’s reputation and brand. 

As Texas Roadhouse experienced considerable growth,  they realized that having a dependable partner to help measure their customer experiences was vital. And in March, 2000 a partnership between Texas Roadhouse and RBG began. 

“RBG has been a valuable partner to Texas Roadhouse for 15 years. They have provided us with the tools and data intelligence to guarantee that we are consistently providing a legendary experience to every guest across the nation. Because of our passion and determination to accomplish this level of service, we were recently voted as being Americas favorite restaurant. For us, being given this remarkable honor is only the beginning and we are fully committed to maintaining a superior level service and quality for many years to come. And we are thankful to have a company like RBG on our side, to help make this happen,” 

                                       -Donna Sanders, the Senior Manager of Guest Relations & People Development at Texas Roadhouse.

“RBG has provided us with excellent consulting services when it comes to having a better understanding of what our shopping data was really saying. We have made improvements to our processes based on their feedback regarding the data from our program. They would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement. Their expertise has been a tremendous asset to Texas Roadhouse and we look forward to a relationship continuing in the years to come.”

                                       – Evon Reeves, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Texas Roadhouse.

Years with RBG: 16

Programs used

  • GameFilm Video Mystery Shopping
  • Mystery Shopping +

You can find more details about the survey here: Texas Roadhouse is Voted America’s Favorite Restaurant


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