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Gas Stations and Convenience Stores Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience Solutions

As a gas station or convenience store, you don’t merely provide gas to your customers; you provide convenience as well. Your customers crave this convenience, the same way their vehicles crave gas and ensuring their overall customer experience is as easy and positive as possible helps you drive revenue, improve customer loyalty and increase profit. At Reality Based Group, we give you the experience and expertise to guarantee that customer experience does just that for your business. Our tailored convenience store mystery shopping programs are designed to fit your culture and meet your needs. Guided employee training and coaching sets our gas station mystery shops apart by focusing on actionable, revenue-driving behaviors through every step of our process. This way we concentrate on getting you results from the word go. Using solutions like video mystery shopping, written mystery shopping, phone mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys and more we will help you set yourself apart from the competition.

Gas Stations and Convenience Stores Insights & Solutions

A gas station mystery shopping company like RBG can collect actionable data, capable of improving your bottom line and giving you the ROI you want. You know all too well that competition is fiercer than ever between gas stations and convenience stores, service station mystery shopping is no different and you need a partner you can count on to attain your objectives. You need a customer experience partner like RBG.

Total number of Gas Stations in the US: 121, 446
Percent of Gasoline Stations with Convenience Stores: 82.2%
Average Annual Sales: $249,000,000,000

Statistic Brain
September 3, 2016

Why Choose RBG over other Gas Station and Convenience Store Mystery Shoppers?

At RBG, all our programs are uniquely created for your business and your exact needs. Furthermore, with over twenty years of experience providing gas station mystery shops, you can rest assured we’ve seen it and done it all before and possess the expertise to transform your customer experience. Our powerful training and coaching tools will help you evaluate actionable, revenue-driving behaviors from a holistic angle, which means both you and your employees understand exactly what they’re working towards. Fulfill your goals with the expertise of RBG.

We recognize that our success is truly your success and we are constantly looking for ways to improve both our own processes and yours. You need a customer experience partner willing to consistently push the envelope, so you can meet the demands of your ever-changing industry and customers. Delight your customers with us and leave them singing your praises, leading to improved loyalty and revenue. We are RBG and we’re ready to help you evolve your customer experience with service station mystery shopping today.

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