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These quick, pre-made surveys utilizing the RBG scorecard best practices are ready to be sent out to mystery shoppers nationwide, to get the information YOUR business needs for growth.


How do you know if RBG InstaShops are right for you?

It’s actually pretty simple.

  • Are you a small business owner?
  • Do you want to get a measure of the service provided at your location(s), but not necessarily on a regular basis?
  • Are you not quite ready to jump into a contract with a Mystery Shopping Provider or MSP?
  • Do you need one mystery shop with a quick turn-around time to track sudden changes in your business?

If you answered Yes to any or all of these questions, then RBG InstaShops may be just the thing your business needs!

If your business model isn’t currently supported, or if you have any questions that are not answered in the How To Get Started guide below, email us! We’re happy to help!

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How To Get Started!
  1. First, decide which InstaShop survey is right for you. Here at RBG, we try to accommodate as many business models as possible. You can either choose a survey based on one of the categories we have set up, or browse our full collection of best practice surveys. If your business model isn’t currently supported, email us!
  2. Click the link on this site. This will take you to our partner site, PrestoMetrics. There’s no need to pull out your credit card yet - you can make sure that the survey is right for you first.
  3. Preview your survey. The first site you will go to will be a Preview site, where you can take a look at what the default survey would look like to your shoppers. You will make any customizations to your survey later in the process. If you like the survey, click the Order Shop button! Otherwise, you can go back to check our other surveys and see if another one is better suited to your needs.
  4. Set up a PrestoMetrics Account. RBG InstaShops are hosted by PrestoMetrics. In order to purchase your mystery shops, you can set up an email and password or sign in through Google Plus or your business’s Facebook login.
  5. Next, add the location(s) you want to shop. Once you are satisfied with the survey, click the Next button at the top of the page. This will bring you to a screen where you can search for your business. The search box uses Google Maps, so you can search by business name or address, and you can add one location or many.
  6. Update the questions to suite your business’s needs. Our best practice surveys are built to suit as many businesses as possible. Clicking one of the above links will take you to a Preview Survey website, hosted by PrestoMetrics. If you click the Remove/Edit Questions button at the top left, you can customize the survey to suit your needs. For example, our Quick Service Restaurant: Dine In scorecard contains the question, “Was the restroom clean and well maintained? (Trash not overflowing, adequate supplies, no water on floor).” However, if your location is in a mall, and you don’t oversee the restroom, that may not be suited to your business. Click the Remove/Edit Questions button and remove the restroom question.
  7. Check Out. You’re almost done. You can verify the locations that you want shopped or add more by clicking the “add more” link. You can select how many shops you want at each of those locations. Once you are satisfied with the result, you’re ready to go! Just click Check Out, enter your card information, and click Accept and Buy. Your shops have been ordered, and you do not need to make any additional payments - shopper fees and reimbursement are included in the per-shop cost listed above.
  8. Check out your results! By using RBG InstaShops, your shop results will be hosted under your PrestoMetrics login. You can see your shops by logging back into PrestoMetrics and hovering over the Results dropdown. You can look at individual shops by selecting Shops, or view your aggregate data by selecting In-Depth Reports.
  9. Get more shops. If you are satisfied with the shops you receive, you can always get more later on down the line, to make sure that your team is following up on the valuable data they received from their first shops. To get more shops, log into your PrestoMetrics account and hover over the Setup dropdown. Then click Add More Shops. You can get the same shops you had previously purchased by selecting the Buy Batch button. That’s all there is to it!
  10. Try a different scorecard. If you liked the mystery shops you received, but you’d like to try one of our other surveys out, just use the same login on your PrestoMetrics account and hover over the Setup dropdown. Then click Add More Shops, just like the above step. By clicking the Add New Form button, you can access all of the RBG InstaShops that we provide - no need to come back to this site. Pricing and details will be available right there in your account!
What’s the difference between an InstaShop and becoming an RBG Client Partner?

InstaShop Benefits:

  • Fast - They’re ready to go as soon as you are ready to start mystery shopping! If you become an RBG Client Partner, it can take 30 days to set up your program.
  • Low Barrier to Entry - Each shop costs exactly what is listed on this page, and you can purchase them as you need them. In order to become an RBG Client Partner, you must meet a $10,000 minimum contract.
  • Self-Run Program - With RBG InstaShops, you can do everything yourself with the click of a few buttons. Our partners at PrestoMetrics then deploy their Mobile Auditors, and you get your shop as soon as it is done.
  • Most Business Models Supported - Here at the InstaShop division of RBG, we are constantly working on building new best practice scorecards to support your business, with an average of one new scorecard added to our selection per month. If your business model isn’t currently supported, email us!

RBG Client Partner Benefits:

  • Custom - While InstaShop scorecards have a foundation in the RBG best practices for scorecard building, becoming a client partner means fully customizable scorecards, measuring exactly what you need to measure for your business.
  • GameFilm® - RBG’s most popular product is GameFilm®, our video mystery shopping program. Based on the game films watched by high-level athletes to improve their performance, GameFilm® is undercover video taken of your business during an everyday transaction, giving your employees the ultimate in reality-based feedback so that you can measure your current level of service and use that to make improvements that all of your customers will be able to see and experience. The GameFilm® product is only available to RBG Client Partners.
  • Mystery Shopping Plus - RBG’s second most popular product is Mystery Shopping+, a robust mystery shopping that provides written reports with objective, actionable data. This product is similar to RBG InstaShops in many ways; however, all MS+ reports are overseen by a team of expert schedulers and Quality Assurance editors, who make sure that your data is accurate and can be used to train your employees to even greater heights.
  • Additional Products - Besides GameFilmⓇ and MS+, RBG Client Partners have access to a host of other options to drive their business, including but not limited to phonecall mystery shopping, pricing audits, and safety audits. Additionally, all RBG Client Partners have access to our Game Plan© and Coach’s Guide© tools, which allow them to easily coach and train their teams.
  • Any Business Type Supported - Due to the custom nature of our robust program, we can support virtually any business that can be mystery shopped. If you do not see a best practice scorecard listed in our InstaShops suite, the full program may be better for you.
  • Support Team - When becoming an RBG Client Partner, you have access to our team of experienced support staff, from your own personal Customer Success Manager, dedicated to providing you with the best possible program to drive your customer retention, to our full staff of professional Video Shopper Scouts, Schedulers, Quality Assurance Editors, Video Data Scoring, and MSPA-certified Mystery Shoppers, not to mention our in-house staff who are trained in mystery shopping-specific logistics and making sure that you receive quality data on time, every time.
  • In-Depth Reporting - With RBG InstaShops, you always get the data on your shops, including a full reporting suite utilizing the Presto dashboard. However, as an RBG Client Partner, you have access to a full host of reports, including custom reports generated by the RBG technical support team.
  • More Shops, Lower Cost Per Shop - While you may need to sign up for more work in order to qualify for our full robust program, it’s worth it if you want to really embed mystery shopping in your business - the more shops you want to get going with our team, the lower the cost of each shop, while maintaining all of the above listed benefits

If you are interested in going beyond RBG InstaShops to become a full-fledged RBG Client Partner, Click Here! Our team is standing by and ready to help you get started!

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