Manufacturer Mystery Shopping

Manufacturer Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience Solutions

Are you a manufacturer who needs to better understand where your product or brand sits in the minds of the salespeople selling it? Manufacturer mystery shopping allows you to evaluate the selling features of your product or brand as presented by salespeople. With Reality Based Group as your partner, you can learn how to become top-of-mind with salespeople selling your products. Years of experience in brand auditing has led us to discover there can often be a disconnect between what you see as the top selling feature for your product versus what salespeople see as the top selling feature. Manufacturer mystery shopping with RBG erases that disconnect and allows you to find out exactly what salespeople see as important and why. 

Manufacturer Insights & Solutions

At RBG, we know the solutions that will work for you. Competition is stronger than ever and we can give you the tools so you can make the strategic decisions you need to in order to meet your objectives.

Why Choose RBG over other Manufacturer Mystery Shopping Companies?

With over two decades of experience in manufacturer mystery shops, RBG has both the experience and expertise to deliver the results you want to see. We don’t merely collect data; we measure and analyze the right data so it works to meet your objectives. Every program we create for our partners is fully tailored and customized so you know your success is our success. 

Learn how preferable your brand is in the mind of salespeople as well as important selling features for focus. Manufacturer mystery shopping with RBG gives you invaluable insight into how well you’re performing and areas for improvement. Moreover, you gain a powerful edge with regard to your competition by proactively identifying how to improve. Remove any disconnect between your product or brand and salespeople by letting us give you the tools that will make all the difference.

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