Client Testimonials

I am really pleased with the service level and responsiveness of RBG! Not only are they armed with tools to help us achieve our very best in service, they are willing to customize the program for our culture. This experience is like no other I’ve experienced with other companies! Simply put – Better than I could have dreamed! Possibly the best partner I have ever had!

Dee Young
Guest Services

“K&N Management has been awarded the highest presidential honor for quality and excellence, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. We were selected for our cutting edges processes that are unique. We strongly believe that our relationship with Reality Based Group made this possible. Since the inception of the GameFilm® program, we have seen an increase in our guest satisfaction ratings. The program has become one of the most accurate measurement tools we use for cashier process adherence and hospitality. It has allowed us to implement full time “Replay” positions, which have continued to improve our measurement tools and processes. Reality Based Group is truly a world‐class organization. We will absolutely be continuing our partnership with them in the future and are happy to endorse their company and services without hesitation.”

Gini Quiroz
Director of Training

"We have been utilizing Reality Based Group™ since 2006 and they have exceeded all expectations with their deliverable. We use RBG to provide mystery shopping at each of our stores nation wide. We have grown rapidly over the past 3 years and RBG has been there to support and adjust the program with ease, consistently delivering above expectations. I know that our relationship with Reality Based Group™ has allowed us to further fulfill our mission of delivering above expectations within our customer experience and training. What they do is part and parcel of any customer-facing position. This program provides us with the metrics that we need to continue our rapid growth while delivering exceptional customer service at the field level.”

Holly-Dae Burton
Shopping Coordinator

Reality Based Group is extremely professional, dependable, and has been delightful to work with. The positive feed back that they are able to provide is an extremely useful tool that assists in our operational team’s success. The Cincinnati Marriott at RiverCenter was named the Hotel of the Year in 2011 and I truly believe that Reality Based Group contributed to this success. In my opinion, Reality Based Group would be a wonderful partner to take your team to the next level!”

Kris Brown
General Manager

“After 3 months of running the GameFilm program, we began to see an increase in our quality of service being provided as well as an increase in revenue production. As our company grows, using a quality assurance program like GameFilm will be critical in order to hit our goals. As far as the service committed they have exceeded my expectations.”

Chad Benedict
National Director of Sales

Jerry Davis
CEO, Goodwill Industries of Central Texas

“We’ve found that Reality Based Group’s GameFilm solution is one of the most valuable tools our sales team could ever use for identifying areas for improvement in the field. The applications of reality-based video capture extends far beyond the obvious and will continue to be an asset as we strive to continue to be the leader in our industry and deliver unmatched products and services to our customers.”

Daniel Siegel

"For over 15 years, RBG has provided us with excellent consulting services when it comes to having a better understanding of what our shopping data is really saying. We have made significant improvement to our processes based on their recommendations. Their expertise has been a tremendous asset to Texas Roadhouse and we look forward to a relationship continuing in the years to come. We consider Game Film Consultants a strategic partner that is essential to our growth and success.”

Donna Sanders
Guest Relations

“We have seen an increase in our overall customer service. I know that our relationship with RBG has allowed us to further fulfill our mission of delivering above expectations within our customer experience and training programs. RBG is simply the best customer experience management provider on the market today.”

Brian Caldwell
Marketing Manager

“Their timeliness, speed to market and results driven approach was exactly what I was looking for in a resource The metrics & analytics they provide complement their front-end resources and with RBG’s support we are able to deploy and report on surveys faster than before. Everything is concise and easy to use; RBG does all of the work! Their timeliness, speed to market and results driven approach was exactly what I was looking for in a resource.”

Lisa A. Sturgeon
Sr. Marketing Manager

“I have been working with RBG for over 10 years and needless to say I am very pleased with this company as a partner. Their Gamefilm technology has proven to be an invaluable training tool that our company uses regularly. Not only does GameFilm provide us with our eyes and ears, they analyze our stores and help us make recommendations as a true partner should. I would recommend RBG to any company wanting to stay competitive."

J. Verduzco
Executive Vice President

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