Competitive Mystery Shopping

We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver the most informative competitive data so you can receive the necessary guidance to gain actionable results.

In a customer facing environment, understanding how each of your stores are performing is one thing, but when your biggest competition is upping the game you should be in the know. It’s no longer only about survival of the fittest, it’s also about survival of the best informed. And nothing keeps you better informed about your competitor’s latest activities, pricing, online coupons, in-store layout, customer experience and more than Reality Based Group’s data-driven competitive retail analysis program.

Learn how your competitors are operating with Reality Based Group’s Competitive Mystery Shopping program. When we provide you with a detailed retail competitive analysis you’ll be given the insight you want on your competitors to make the changes you need to grow the top and bottom line of your business. Our program offers you complete customization and creative capabilities so we can form the best approach from our mystery shoppers and they can develop the most intricate data about your competition. No longer do you have to be in the dark when it comes to knowing what your competitors are doing.

How We Collect Our Detailed Competitive Analysis

In order to put you behind the scenes of your competition, we begin with the recruitment of the best evaluators available. Our quality mystery shoppers are chosen from the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, and as founding members of this organization RBG has access to each Gold and Silver-Certified mystery shopper across the globe. This allows us to not only utilize with the highest rated shoppers in the industry, but also provide you with the smartest competitive analysis you can get your hands on.

Retail Competitor Analysis Flowchart

Gaining Powerful Competitive Insight

Following the selection of your mystery shopping team our program moves to the measurement phase where we begin to learn what matters most to you about your competition. We’ll work with you to create detailed scorecards specific to measuring industry key performance drivers so you can have the most detailed information you’re looking for. What are your competitors doing? How are they performing compared to your store? We focus on the aspects that go head-to-head with another store, ranging from tires to DIY home improvement. Following the analysis of your competitors’ retail experience we send every evaluation we receive to our professional editors, who then double check each application in order to ensure we only deliver you with the most accurate and reliable data. Whether you feel a competitor is pulling ahead or you’d just like to make sure you stay one step ahead of the game, Competitive Mystery Shopping from Reality Based Group can give you powerful insight into what makes them tick.

A Timely Data Advantage

RBG mystery shoppers will visit competitors’ stores daily so you will know what the competition is up to across the enterprise within hours. They also gather all the right data on your competitors to provide you with a dynamic, global view of their marketing strategy. This information allows you to identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, giving you the advantage needed to win and defend market share.

Competitive Mystery Shops Are Used to Evaluate:

  • Product/Service Comparison: Learn what products & services your competitors are offering, & what you can do to improve your own selection.
  • Store Design & Navigation: Learn your competitor’s layout & find out how a customer would navigate through their building compared to yours.
  • Quality of Customer Service: Find out how your competitors are treating their customers & learn what you can do to strategically raise your own customer satisfaction.
  • Promotional Items & Sales: Get insight into when your competitors are offering sales & promotions to boost your own revenue driving behaviors.

Outperform the Competition

After we’ve completed our competitive retail analysis, the last step in the proven RBG program is for you to make the changes you need to outperform the competition. With our comprehensive scorecards you have 24/7 access to the insight you need to make necessary competitive adjustments. Action items agreed on from each evaluation from our team of expert competitive shoppers can easily be forwarded from our intuitive online dashboard to the managers and supervisors of your store locations. Once received your store employees can review their action plans and timelines from their own dashboard and take note of any steps they’ve made to increase their store value over the competition.

Why Choose RBG for Your Competitive Mystery Shopping?

Reality Based Group is extremely professional, dependable, and has been delightful to work with. The positive feed back that they are able to provide is an extremely useful tool that assists in our operational team’s success. The Cincinnati Marriott at RiverCenter was named the Hotel of the Year in 2011 and I truly believe that Reality Based Group contributed to this success. In my opinion, Reality Based Group would be a wonderful partner to take your team to the next level!”

Kris Brown
General Manager

Learn What Your Competitors Are Doing Today

Get in the know on what your competitors are doing by working with the best Competitive Mystery Shopping company available. Our enhanced competitor retail analysis programs are designed to provide you with the most accurate data about your competitive landscape and allow you to outperform your biggest threats by boosting your overall results. Find out what your competitors are doing by contacting RBG today at 1-877-990-3456 or you can have one of our professional team members contact you by filling out our online form.

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