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Hector Aguilar

Hector Aguilar
Director of Finance

“The caliber of a business is identified by its customer experience. A business with a positive customer experience will draw repeat customers and guarantee a long life for that business.”

Hector Aguilar is Reality Based Group’s Director of Finance. With a BBA in Accounting from Texas State University and 13 years of accounting experience in the restaurant industry, Hector joined RBG in 2012. Hector is constantly looking for new ways to improve accounting at RBG.

During Hector’s tenure he has been responsible for completely revamping RBG’s accounting process allowing for greater productivity. Hector hails from Pearsall, Texas and enjoys spending time with his children as well as playing sports. The Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas is one of his family’s favorite spots.

  • Hometown: Pearsall, Texas
  • Favorite Movie: Liar Liar
  • Favorite Season: Football Season
  • Best Dish: Macaroni and Cheese
  • First Car: Chevy Cavalier
  • Morning or Night: Morning Person

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